7 Tips For Picking The Perfect Information Technology Support Company



This post is written for those who are looking for your first business IT Support Essex, or you are unhappy with your current provider.

No matter what factor is the main determinant it is the same rule that applies to everyone. With more than 20 years experience in the IT Support industry, we decided it may be a good idea to provide some insight on what our customers are looking for when they contact us to inquire about this service. numerous others.

Good listener

Any company you make contact with should first of all take note of the things you have to say. It is not uncommon for some lesser companies to swoop in and say "right, you're in need of this you require that, and we'll do it for you! They'll have to find out about your business, the current issues, and any issues that might prevent you from doing your main task, which is to run your business. While they are learning, the knowledge and experience of the IT support in Essex company is then able to apply the things they have just learned against services they offer or at the very minimum take notes on what this issue could be dealt with in the near future.

A good SLA

An SLA stands for the term "service level agreement. Yes, every company wants instant support and people available 24/7 at a moments notice however, this kind of support is typically reserved for the IT support companies in Essex companies with large pockets. But, your new support provider should be able to make use of common sense to resolve any issues within your network. For example, they are not likely to throw everything at the wall to sort out a faulty keyboard, but they should of course recognise that in the event of a server dying, this should be a top priority since it can cause all employees within your business cannot work effectively.


It is always comforting to know that your selected provider has years of experience but it is equally important to be aware of the expertise is in your specific field. If you're using Apple or other Apple products, it's not worth it to have a business with 10 years of expertise with Microsoft products.


A reputable support business has the lowest turnover rate, which is like a good marriage. This means they are reliable and stable in their operations, and this is evident in the services you receive.

Continuity continued

Although it's the exact same word, we mean in a totally different way here. Can your support provider offices still be there for you even if they're destroyed? Basically it's disaster recovery for you and them.


This is not referring to alarms or bars on windows. It's about how your business views the security of your personal data. It's always recommended to select one that has an ISO 27001 accreditation (which we have!). ).


The price isn't too expensive but the old saying is true, you get the value you pay for and that is true in the IT Support world. A good service should have a cost that is reasonable.

These are only some of the aspects you'll need to think about when you are looking for a company that can help you with your computer or another potential supplier. We hope that you will are able to benefit from these suggestions.


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